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The University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture

Tennessee Farmland Legacy


Tennessee Farmland Legacy

Planning Today for Tomorrow's Farms

2014 Farmland Legacy Mini-Conference

Attend the Tennessee Farmland Legacy Partnership mini-conference in conjunction with the UT Extension No-Till Field Day in Milan, TN Thursday July 24.  Every farmer, landowner and farm family will benefit by attending this session. 

Tour M: Your Farmland Legacy
This tour assembles in the tent area behind the bus-loading area (southeast of exhibit tent area).  The tour will be presented at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.  You are welcome to attend any portion of this tour. The complete tour requires 1 hour.  Tents for shade and bales of straw for seating are provided.

Your Farmland Legacy
Dan Strasser
Tennessee Farmland Legacy founding member

Joseph T. Howell
Attorney at Law

What is the future of your farm? Is there really anything you can do to ensure its success and longevity? Every farmer and landowner can culture a legacy. 

Tools Empowering a Farm Legacy
Andy Davis
UT Extension Area Specialist

Leasing land is very common with Tennessee farmers. This session will highlight what every lease should consider. Other tools available to increase farm profitability will also be discussed. Landowners, farmers and partners are encouraged to attend. 


Maximize Farm Cash Flow
James Roberts
Farmers Service, Inc.

Tax planning and my farm's future. Is there a way to maximize your cash flow while enhancing the farm value?

Farmland Forever through a Land Trust  
Gary Moore
Middle Tennessee Project Manager
The Land Trust for Tennessee      

Land conservation and protection options for your family and farm for immediate income tax benefits and possible future estate tax planning benefits coupled with the satisfaction of knowing that your farm will be a farm forever.